A Lesson From Toy Cars

Whats up! I hope the start of summer is treating you well, and that you will go out and do something extraordinary over these next few months.

Just a few days ago I spent the whole day with my little nephew. I never thought that I could love a kid so much! He lives his life as I wish more people did(including myself), full of energy and enthusiasm for every single thing he does. Anyway, he was given a set of two battery-operated cars. These two cars go round and round a track, which is single-lane and often times the cars will bump into each other. One of these cars is very low on battery. Because of this, it can hardly go around the track one time by itself.  About halfway through this struggle as it reaches the halfway point, the slow car gets a huge bump from the full-battery car. This boost was exactly what the low-battery car needed. Just like that, both cars are accelerating at normal speeds and its as if both cars are operating on full batteries. Without the help and boost from the fast car, the slow one may have never made it around the track.


This same concept applies to people in our daily lives. If we see people struggling, sad, depressed, lonely, we’re called to reach out and help them. Often times we underestimate the power of ourselves, and the impact that we can have on others. YOU may be exactly what somebody needs. I’m not saying that you need to be Superman or some miracle-maker, but what you can do is simply ask somebody..”Hey are you doing alright? Is there anything that you need?” This may turn their world upside down. As is with the low-battery car, some people may never make it around the track without your help.

You’re important. You’re loved. You’re enough.