Kyler Erickson

Featured on : The New York Times, USA Today, Yahoo Sports, The Washington Post, ABC News, CBS Sports Network.

Kyler is an ESPN Analyst, Speaker, and Director of Suicide Prevention.


His story is a must-hear for students and teachers.

“Kyler has an important and inspiring story to tell. His life experiences, and willingness to share them in an honest, transparent way, has dramatically impacted the way our students and staff view mental health. His story is a must-hear for students and teachers alike”

Trev Alberts Athletic Director - University of Nebraska Omaha May 12, 2017

Talented young man with a clear purpose, passion, and life story!

“Kyler is an amazing example of a highly talented young man with a clear purpose, passion, and life story that inspires those that he has a chance to speak to and invest in……one of the very best difference makers you could ever meet or know!”

Brad Black CEO/Founder - Humanex May 12, 2017

We can all learn something from Kyler Erickson.

“Kyler Erickson is able to provide a perspective to students that is critical to their development as young people. Unfortunately, tragedy can force one to understand perspective whether they are ready or not. Kyler has taken tragedy and used it to send a message of what life is meant to be about…a message of perspective.

Ryan Ricenbaw Principal - Waverly High School May 12, 2017

One of the most critically important speakers.

“Kyler’s story is both powerful and moving. He is a true leader, and helped our students tremendously. He’s one of the most critically important speakers we’ve ever had.”

John Jasinski President - Northwest Missouri State University May 12, 2017

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About Kyler Erickson

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That which once started out as a dream,
is now a goal.

As a senior in high school, Kyler Erickson witnessed a school shooting, done so by one of his classmates. As it turned his world upside down, he struggled to find hope in such a horrific time. It took him a year and a half to finally admit to, and seek help for his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

He first talked to his family and close friends, telling them how much mental pain he was going through. Kyler went through months and months of vigorous therapy, a procedure called EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing).

After being healed and finding peace, he followed his dreams and is currently speaking in Omaha, NE. Kyler is an ESPN Analyst, Speaker, and Director of Suicide Prevention. Kyler has not, and will not stop showing people how much they are loved. He focuses on mental illness and overcoming obstacles. He’s is a kid with an incredible story, and an even bigger heart. He refuses to be stopped, on his way to changing lives.

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