My message to you all.

A couple Sundays ago, I had the privilege of speaking to Faith Westwood Church in Omaha. This was a church that I grew up near, even attending middle school right next door to it. A beautiful, all-loving church in which I had never entered prior to the Sunday when I spoke. This was my first public appearance since my video regarding mental illness had been released. I had built up so much hope, love, and words of encouragement over the past couple months, and I wanted to pass that on to Faith Westwood. My message to the church, “Your pain and suffering have a purpose.” As I told my story, tears filled the eyes of several people in the congregation. How incredible is this: our past suffering, hurt, and loneliness can serve as a light in the dark to those currently struggling. Even more incredible: The Bible tells us that God thinks about us more times than there are grains of sand on the earth. Can you even try to begin to imagine that? I sure cant. My message to Faith Westwood was more than that, it was a message for every single person reading this. You are so loved, cared about, and important.